Marketing Support Services

Extend your marketing capabilities with our freelance support services.

Why freelance Marketing Support Services

Expertise, Scalability, Flexibility, Cost-effective


Work with a marketer who has specific expertise in the areas you need the most help with.


This is especially true for any businesses or businesses that only need occasional marketing support.


Businesses can work with us on a project-by-project basis, which means they can scale their marketing support up or down as needed.

Why freelance with me

Expertise, capability, reliability, flexibility, scalability; and of course, a cost-effective support service.

As a former casino/hotel marketing professional, throughout my career of 25 plus years; whether as a marketing manager, director, or Vice President, in addition to top level marketing planning and development, my involvement with the marketing efforts of the department; in many cases, required first hand knowledge and hands-on participation.

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