Prospecting on Twitter

Extend your marketing capabilities with our freelance support services.

A prospecting campaign like no other!

How would you like to prospect by posting your marketing message to individual Twitter users, one Twitter user at a time?

Well, we can do that for you using our proprietary digital technology and process.

Here’s how it works:

  • First: with your help, and based on the number of Twitter user handles you want to post your custom message to, we identify Twitter user handles in the many hashtag topics available on Twitter.
  • Next: using your Twitter account or OnionPatchMarketing (@OnionPatchMktg), our own Twitter user handle for Twitter post broadcasting, we tweet your custom message to all the Twitter user handles we’ve identified for your campaign. Your tweet is not posted in bulk; firing all at once, your tweet is randomly timed to post one twitter user handle at a time. Each tweet posted will also show up in the Twitter account you provided for the campaign. That means, if we tweet your message to 100 Twitter user accounts, you will have 100 tweets showing in your account, etc.


We can perform the same process as outlined above, except that we can place multiple Twitter user handles in a single tweet, reducing the number of actual tweets to be performed, and the number of tweets showing up in the Twitter account you provided or OnionPatchMarketing (@OnionPatchMktg), our own Twitter user handle for Twitter post broadcasting, for your campaign. As an example, a tweet campaign calling for 294 individual tweets would be reduced to approximately 24 tweets. That’s a substantial reduction in the number of tweets to be processed, and that will show up in your Twitter account.

Following is an example of a Tweet where we combined a number of Twitter user handled into one tweet.

In this first Twitter posting round in this campaign, we posted to 294 Twitter user handles in 24 tweets. Using our proprietary software, we gathered our prospect list of Twitter user handles, combined as many as we can into a single tweet, resulting in 24 tweets, and posted through our Twitter account.

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